WEESPROUT Nursing Pillow Cover for Baby Boys & Girls | Fits Boppy Original Pillow | 100% Organic Cotton | Two-Sided Design | Breastfeeding/Positioning Slipcover | Protects Pillow | Machine Washable

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Product Description

Our Nursing Pillow Cover is the Perfect Fit

nursing pillow cover fits Boppy

Fits All of the Most Popular Nursing and Positioning Pillows

Our cover is perfectly measured to fit all Boppy Original nursing and positioning pillows. Remove your nursing pillow cover without the hassle! Throw it in the wash and then easily slip it back onto your pillow. Spend less time struggling with difficult-to-remove pillow covers and spend more quality time with your baby!

Our High Quality Nursing Pillow Cover Will Last a Lifetime – You Won’t Have to Replace Your Pillow or Your Cover!

nursing pillow cover

The WeeSprout Nursing Pillow Cover Will Defend Your Nursing Pillow Through Your Baby’s First Year

Keep your pillow looking new during:

  • Nursing
  • Bottle-Feeding
  • Nap Time
  • Tummy Time
  • Learning to Sit
  • and More!

Keep Your Baby Happy and Healthy

nursing pillow cover

The WeeSprout Nursing Pillow Cover Was Designed With Your Baby’s Well-Being in Mind

  • 100% Organic Cotton is gentle on your baby’s skin
  • Hypoallergenic fabric won’t cause allergic reactions
  • Contains no harsh chemicals that could harm your baby
  • Provides your baby with a clean surface

nursing pillow cover nursing pillow cover nursing pillow cover nursing pillow cover
Blue Dusk Stitches Grey Stripe Dotted Blush Gingham Sand
Fits all Boppy pillows and positioners
100% Organic Cotton
Breathable material keeps baby cool and comfortable
Protects nursing pillow
Slips on/off easily
Machine washable