Single and Double Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing Max 600 Lbs Cotton Fabric Canvas for Indoor Outdoor Garden Patio Porch Student Dormitory Rollover (Send Rope Storage Bag Hook)

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[Product Description] Going out to play, bring this hammock, just look for a shade under the tree, take a break, and take a break for an hour, is it a beautiful thing? The fabric of this product is thick cotton canvas, and the thick elastic rope can bear the weight of the human body very well.
Product Name: Outdoor cotton canvas hammock (send rope, storage bag hook)
Material: exquisite canvas cotton
Color: blue stripes, red stripes
Product load: 300kg (600 lbs)
Product Size:
M (200*100CM) (6.5*3.3 feet)
L (200*150CM) (6.5*4.9 feet)
1, thickening and widening design, do not worry about more peace of mind when sleeping. Rainbow strips are rich in color and over-natural, suitable for all people.
2, easy to fold, easy to carry and use.
3, beautiful and practical, comfortable, durable, dirt-resistant, safe and reliable.
4, can be opened or folded in an instant.
5, can be applied to the courtyard, leisure, entertainment, outings, etc., a wide range of uses.

Precautions for use:
1. The canvas is afraid of fire, please do not approach the fire source when using the hammock
2. Do not fix the two ends firmly before use. It can be used on large trees or hammock racks. Otherwise, it is dangerous. If the product is not used for a long time, it can be rolled up and placed in a plastic bag for storage.
3. The support point of the hanging hammock must be firm and the suspension height should not exceed 1M to prevent accidental fall and injury.
4. Do not pull the bed rope on the support point with sharp objects to avoid damage to the rope.
5. Avoid damage to the hammock with buttons or sharp objects that you carry with you.
6. Pay attention to the clean and flat ground around the hammock, avoiding the location where there are hard objects such as gravel and branches (use it on the grass as much as possible).