Grumpy Cloud Portable Baby Bed Anti Roll Pillow for Infant 0-24 Months (Gray)

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Color: Gray

👶🏻 Portable Removable Cover Baby Bionic Bed for Infants Toddlers - Soft Breathable Baby Snuggle Nest ,100% Cotton Crib Mattress for Bedroom Travel


Why should you choose this baby bed?

Flat Neck Head Syndrome Prevention:

--(World Health Organization) recommended that the best sleeping position for children under one year of age is supine. This position has greatly reduced the number of deaths caused by sudden infant death (SIDS) (-76% since the early 1990s).Supine lying like this,the baby's face is still very clear and unlikely to suffocate.

Maintain a perfect position by keeping your baby's back and raising his legs :

-- To provide the best comfort for your baby, the Our Newborn Lounger Bed is made from ultra-soft breathable materials and memory foam. If your child has reflux, abdominal pain or difficulty breathing, tilting provides the best protection. This is why we designed the bevel.

Breathable & Hypoallergenic :

 --100% Cotton,Ultra-soft and Breathable,The Crib is designed with highly breathable, cushioned, multi-faceted fabrics known for their naturally ventilating properties—a secure fit for babies and parents that helps create safe sleeping conditions and keep things cool.




1.When and how to use it?

From birth to 3 months.

Never use it from the moment the baby turns around alone

2.How long can I use?

Up to 24 months, adjusted for baby size and mobility


Material: Cotton

Dimension: (L x W) 55*38 cm / 22*15 inch

Total Weight: 0.55lb

Fit for: 0-24 months


Package included:

Baby Lounger Mattress *1