Growth Chart for Kids by Baby Proof - Measuring Height Chart and Kids Decor! Meaningful Memories Through Kid Size Chart Measurement. Night Sky Growth Chart Ruler for Wall with Wooden Keepsake Box

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Product Description

Your Kids Growth Is NOW a Work of Art

Until now you’ve been limited with choice when it comes to a height measure chart. There are some stunning wooden ruler charts, but a wooden growth chart is impossible to roll up and store away. But the other plain growth charts are low quality, without personality – and when they rip and fade, YOUR memories fade with them

So we created a height measurement chart that’s a pure work of art.

Because here’s what everyone loves…

It’s a sturdy canvas that won’t fade. Why? Because unlike other charts, we made ours from proper artistry canvas and THEN added a second protective coating! Then, we added “reprint worthy” hand drawn designs to make your chart MORE than JUST a growth ruler. Using reclaimed wood we manufactured extra large (10x bigger) bars to prevent ripping or curling. It’s wood wall decor that BELONGS on show!


Exquisite Craft

At BabyProof we are committed to handmade work for bringing the fresh and lifeful atmosphere to your home. Besides the ingenuity of the designer and premium materials, keep improving the handicraft of handmade work attracts people mostly. All designs are handmade with love and will bring a unique element into any space. BabyProof meticulously hand-crafted for yor space.





And here’s what else you’ll adore…

The SOLID PINE BOX lets you store it neatly for life as a keepsake, and our very special Eluminasor Acrylic marker is included so you don’t have to shop around for the right marker – you know, ones that don’t bleed or smudge!

Choose the style that matches your kids room or baby room décor! We have 3 in our range - Night Sky, Falling Leaves or Pastel Arrows.

It’s everything you wanted for capturing beautiful growth memories!

· 1x Canvas Growth Chart with Double Pine Bars

· Matching Solid Pine hook for installation

· Matching Solid Pine box for storage

· Non-toxic Acrylic, Navy Blue Eluminasor Marker

From growth spurts to their first school dance; mark it down, hang it up and eventually, store it safely away. Don’t risk fading memories that fade when you can NOW use this visual storybook.