Faux Leather Throw Pillow Cover Set of 3 - 18x18, 12x20 - Decorative Accent Throw Pillow Cases - Saddle Brown Pillow - Couch, Sofa, Bedroom, Living Room - Boho, Farmhouse, Modern Luxury Home Decor

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Package Quantity: 3  |  Size: 12x20, 18x18

High Quality PU 100% Faux Leather pillow covers. Pillow inserts not included.

Perfect for parents with pets and children needing durable, well priced, quality decor to enhance their home with less daily hassle.

✔️Two 18x18 inch (45x45cm) faux leather throw pillow case

✔️One 12x20 inch (30x50cm) faux leather lumbar pillow case

✔️Ultra thin ¼” color blended zipper

✔️Brown/Tan lightly textured print

✔️Slightly lustrous in sunlight

✔️Stain free from food, dirt, wine and more

✔️Easily cleaned in seconds with wet cloth and mild soap.

✔️Sharp looking corners and bold silhouette

✔️Ageless Faux Leather guaranteed to last for years

Save money buying new throw pillows with  brown faux leather pillow covers that will last years without wear.

Relieve the stress of staining commonly used decor around pets and children. Comfortably eat, drink wine, enjoy the outdoors and play without worry.

Forget about fraying from everyday use. Faux leather can withstand wear that would destroy most cotton, canvas and soft fabric materials.

Save time cleaning your furniture and simply wipe with damp cloth and mild soap and dry completely.

Lightly textured and specifically colored for versatility and luxurious aesthetic. Smooth to touch material stays cool in the shade, provides more support and is easy to easier adjust than regular cotton pillows.

These faux leather pillow cases are a small home decor investment that will provide years of value, comfort and peace of mind.

Need to see it before you believe it?

No problem, any order is subject to a full refund if the buyer is not 100% completely satisfied.

Will they really last?

Built to endure, any pillow covers permanently damaged within 3 years of purchase will be replaced for free!