CubbyCove Classic –The Truly Breathable Baby Lounger– Portable Nest for Cosleeping, Tummy Time and Playing. Super Soft and Includes Canopy (White)

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Product Description

CubbyCove Classic CubbyCove Plus+ (TENCEL) CubbyCove Travel (NEW)
Size Large: 36x22in Best for king size beds Large: 36x22in Best for king size beds Medium: 32x20in (unfolded) Better for queen size beds Extra space for your baby to grow
Fabrics TRULY BREATHABLE EVEN MORE BREATHABLE TRULY BREATHABLE Our exceptionally soft TENCEL fibers (Plus+ model) are produced in Austria
Thermal Regulation GREAT OUTSTANDING GREAT TENCEL (Plus+ model) absorbs and releases moisture more efficiently than organic cotton
Softness SUPER SOFT EXQUISITELY SOFT SUPER SOFT TENCEL (Plus+ model) is as soft as silk and softer than organic cotton
Plushness SUPER COMFY EVEN MORE CUSHIONY SUPER COMFY Allows your baby to sleep for longer periods
Durability EXCELLENT OUTSTANDING EXCELLENT TENCEL (Plus+ model) is stronger and even more durable than organic cotton
Portabilty FOLDABLE & SUPER PORTABLE Our TRAVEL model can be folded in half for super portability
Canopy INCLUDED INCLUDED INCLUDED Protects from sunlight and harsh lighting
Machine Washable
Colors Snow White, Baby Blue, Rose Pink Aqua Green, Light Blue, Rose Pink White