Brandream Baby Lounger Grey Crown Portable Crib for Bedroom/Travel - 100% Cotton Soft Breathable Infant Newborn Bassinet for Bed

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Color: Grey Crown

This baby nest is designed for babies (0-12 months) to provide safe and comfortable environment during sleeping or playing time. Simply adjust the cords and your INFANT NEST can grow with your baby.

- Portable bed: you can use this sleep nest around the house

- Cosleeper: no fear to disturb baby’s sleep

- Travelling: because of its light weight, it is easy to travel with

- Familiar Environment: it can provide comfortable sleeping conditions for your baby anywhere

- Transition to the crib: by placing INFANT NEST in the baby’s crib during the day nap you will ensure an easy adaptation to the crib after you stop using the nest

We want to say to you:

● We, the parents, as no one know how important it is for the kid and his mom and dad to have a complete and comfortable sleep with the first days of life.

● Babynest allows for a newborn baby to feel the mother's care and embraces being in familiar surroundings for him when bumpers nest gently surround it on all sides, giving a feeling of tenderness and security.

Brandream HIGHLY recommend the Portable crib bassinet to YOU/MOM/NEWBORN/FRIENDS :)