Black & White Baby Nest Infant Lounger Baby Bed Sleeper Co Pillow Crib Babynest

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Black & White Baby Nest Premium Infant Lounger Baby Bed Sleeper Co Pillow Crib Babynest 

This baby nest has been designed for babies (0-9 months) to provide safe and comfortable environment during sleeping or playing time. 
Simply adjust the cords and your infant nest can grow with your baby!
  • Portable bed: you can use it around the house 
  • Co-sleeper: no fear to disturb baby's sleep
  • Travel bed: because of its light weight, it is easy to travel with 
  • Familiar Environment: it can provide comfortable sleeping conditions for your baby anywhere
  • Transition: by putting baby nest into the crib during the first months of baby's life you will ensure an easy adaptation to the crib after stopping using the nest 
  • Reversible: change the side to follow your mood
The secret of the INFANT NEST is its unique shape. After spending nine months in mother's womb, sleeping in a big crib can feel uncomfortable to your baby. Cozy and cute sleep nest is designed to feel just like a womb, so baby can rest peacefully within it: their "startle reflex" will wake them up less frequently. In addition, your baby can sleep on his/her side, thanks to the safe and supportive bumpers. 

We use only high quality materials. The cover is made from 100% premium cotton, it allows baby's skin to breathe and protects from sweating. The mattress is padded by 1-inch hypo-allergenic medium density foam. INFANT NEST is filled with premium fiber filling which retains heat and hypo-allergenic. Unlike conventional mattresses, it is not suitable for the reproduction environment of dust mites. It's certified and absolutely safe.

21 inches (53 cm) wide x 30-36 inches (76-91 cm) long (30 inches when tied and 36 inches when untied)
Mattress dimensions: 24 inches x 12 inches (61 x 30 cm)

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