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No more need to use 5 or 6 pillows trying to get comfortable! Or the huge full-body pregnancy pillows that take up half of the bed! Discover the comfort of sleeping on your belly while pregnant!

Belly Down Sleeping

As your body changes in pregnancy, it can be difficult finding a comfortable sleeping position. There are many pregnancy pillows available for side sleeping but they take up too much bed space! Side sleepers can also experience painful shoulders and hips. NOW there is an option for belly-down sleepers – even during the final months of pregnancy! Doctors agree that it is perfectly safe to sleep on your stomach (or belly-down) while pregnant, for as long as you are comfortable. This used to be until 16-20 weeks of pregnancy, but with the Belly-Baby-Breast Pillow, you can continue to sleep on your belly to full term!

The pillow is a full 4 inches thick which is tall enough to provide a cushion for belly down sleeping for most pregnant moms, and yet the pillow still fits in a standard pillow case for easy use and even travel.  

Note: The belly down pillow is intended to provide a cushion to allow pregnant moms to sleep tummy down.  The pillow has been effective in helping many pregnant moms sleep on their belly during their pregnancy, however, the product may not work for every woman. Much depends on the mothers size, the baby's size, and how the baby presents in-utero (if all out front, it may be uncomfortable to sleep belly down).  

Baby Sleeping
This pillow can also be used after birth for your infant while co-sleeping, cradling your child, and giving you peace of mind! The natural shape gives the baby a slight incline that is so helpful for those babies with reflux issues. By supporting your child, this pillow offers you peace of mind, allowing better sleep for Mother and baby!

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